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Swarovski Live Window Art

on Wednesday, 04 July 2012.

Swarovski Live Window Art

As of 16 July 2012, Swarovski's iconic, Regent Street store in London will be hosting a live window event featuring some pretty cool and amazing illustrations from the likes of Artist duo, Becky Bolton and Louise Chappell from Good Wives and Warriors.

The event held from 16 - 31st July 2012, will encourage visitors to communicate and interact with the brand via Twitter using #IconicLondon to share what they find inspiring in the city of London.

Not only are shoppers invited to indulge in the spectacular event, but the grande venue will be "magically transformed from a crystal forest, into a surreal and kaleidoscopic world full of colourful, dreamlike illustrations inspired by London” and London wide Swarovski stores will preview the new season’s collection.

If you participate in the event, please tweet us at @NourbyNour1 and share your iconic images and thoughts of the campaign.