Happy 5th Birthday iPhone

on Tuesday, 03 July 2012.

Happy 5th Birthday iPhone

Did you know that last week Thursday 29th June 2012, the global technology giant, Apple  celebrated the iPhone's fifth birthday?

This time five years ago, the wonderful Steve Jobs made history, introducing a new device  during his Keynote speech at Macworld, that would revolutionise the way we manage our day to day lives.

The "intimate", mini, pocket computer, which has been known to both enhance and diminish one's life, has defied all odds and lives through consumer demand to see another year, where companies such as Nokia & RIM are facing extinction

Here at Nour By Nour, we would like to wish the creators of iPhone and Apple Inc, a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and to continue  keeping us on our toes with perhaps the best technology the world has ever seen!

Take the best care of your iphone and let history live with a Nour By Nour case.


Image source: Flick River

Nour By Nour Men's Cases *Exclusive*

on Wednesday, 25 July 2012.

Here at Nour By Nour London, we're testing out some new case designs, exclusively for the stylish men in our lives...what do you think of this design?

mens nnjpeg

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