The following Terms and Conditions refer to all transactions performed online via the website The counterparty of the buyer is Carismatic GmbH with its headquarters at Freigutstrasse 6, 8002 Zürich Switzerland.

Online data

Data published online refer to those provided by the makers and distributors. Photo images and data may slightly vary from the original.


Notices, including but not limited to, claims, legal notices, orders (in case of malfunctioning of the ordering system) as well as general remarks shall be sent to

Order Confirmation

An email confirmation is sent to the buyer within 24 hours following the purchase order (Sundays and holidays not included). Should the order confirmation not match the order, the buyer must inform Carismatic GmbH within 48 hours (Sundays and holidays not included). Failure to do so implies approval from the buyer.

Exchange, Return and Defect Policy

Items can be retuned to Carismatic GmbH and will be fully refunded if returned within a period of 10 days from the date of purchase and in its original packaging. Shipping costs at buyer's expense.
Damaged or defect goods will be exchanged against flawless goods of equal value. In this case, shipping costs will be at Carismatic GmbH´s expense. All items need to be returned within a period of 10 days upon receipt in complete and original packaging.

Shipping Costs

Shipping costs, including customs duties, if applicable, are at the buyer's expense. Costs are indicative and may vary based upon geographic area, country of destination, selected shipping mode and wavering rates.


Prices indicated do not include any tax, in particular not VAT. The tax will be added and separately stated in the order confirmation.
Prices can be modified at any time. Prices upon purchase apply. Previously offered discounts, lower prices or any other special seasonal prices cannot be claimed retroactively.
Carismatic GmbH will use all reasonable endeavours that the goods displayed are available at the prices shown. However, circumstances over which Carismaitc GmbH has no control may occur - such as political or economic situations in the manufacturer's country -and affect delivery or price in a significant way. In these cases, Carismatic GmbH cannot be held accountable and will duly inform the buyer at the specified address to make a decision upon the purchase.


Items are selected online and dropped in the cart. Orders can only be made on the Internet. If the online ordering system should not work for whatsoever reason, an order can be made via


Payment is performed by credit card. Goods are delivered only after payment is confirmed.

Delivery Time

Delivery time is commonly 24 hours after payment confirmation. In the case of delivery delays, Carismatic GmbH will notice the buyer with due diligence and provide a new delivery date. Should the delay be extended beyond a period of 21 days, the contract can be terminated by the buyer.


The delivery of large quantities ( more than 20 pieces) must be agreed separately.


This agreement will be governed by the laws of Switzerland. The competent courts of Zurich shall have exclusive jurisdiction even in case of divergence between the aforementioned laws and foreign. Any imperative provisions of foreign laws shall be interpreted and applied in a way that corresponds at the most to Carismatic GmbH general terms and conditions and to Swiss law. Other contractual stipulations and basic contract remain unchanged and valid.