iPhone cases


Nour is the epitome of effortless beauty; elegance and style delivered through luxury and aesthetically crafted products, which are desired by the discerning and the style conscious. Nour combines the finest sourced luxury materials with the best European craftsmanship resulting in sophisticated luxury products accessible globally.

The essence of Nour resides in the ethos that Beauty shines from deep within and thus the manifestation of luxury and beauty in style need not be overstated to be glamorous or elegant. The luxury and beauty of Nour products are as timeless as the elements that combine to create it.

Nour uses innovative and creative design to fashion products that are contemporary and classic thereby creating fashion staples. Nour prides itself in producing products, which are made to the highest quality standards whilst still retaining individual opulence.

Nour brings to the fore the inner beauty of You!

Nour is based in Zurich, Switzerland - one of the world’s capitals for quality luxury living- and designed in London. All of our luxury technology accessories are therefore made to the highest of standards, each with its own unique touch of opulence.

Our chic must-have collection is designed for the modern women whose lifestyle demands sophistication and elegance. Our cases are designed for popular technology that you can’t live without, redefining the modern relationship between fashion and technology.


We use only the finest leather for our products. The leather remains unaltered to allow for the beauty of the hide to reveal itself through its own unique natural character and markings. In general full grain cowhide is much more expensive than other altered grain leathers. This distinction assures that our products are of the highest quality.