The meaning of NOUR is “Light”, and has its origins rooted in the majestic Arabic language, adding to the sophistication and elegance of this luxury brand. The symbolism of radiance derived from our name is the embodiment of NOUR - an opulent brand, focused on the design of unique high-class leather accessories combined with exquisite Swarovski elements.

The inspiration behind NOUR is Nora Gomori. Nora comes from an ethnically diverse background and also lived in various different cultures. In experiencing such cultural diversity she learnt how to be mindful of the needs and expectations of other people. As a result she draws her inspiration from these experiences, making her collections chic and timeless, appealing to a wide audience.

Nora has always had a natural passion for beautiful, elegance and luxurious design. When she started creating accessories, it attracted a great deal of interest and after receiving many requests for products Nora started to design her own collection.

Nora strongly believes that beauty shines from deep within and that each and every one of us reflects this inner beauty through our own unique sense of style.

Nora’s passion for design started as a hobby, a desire to create something special. Her collection was created for lovers of luxury items, the fashion conscious and people who choose to accessorize “differently”. While designing her accessories she keeps in mind the successful, strong, independent and self-confident side of women, but also the opposing fragile, feminine and soft side of real women.

She is a world traveler who always has a suitcase packed and ready for her next trip. Besides her passion for luxury goods, she finds inspiration throughout her travels. By observing people from different cultures, she found we all have one thing in common; men and women pay a lot of attention to their appearance. This led Nora to expand personal style by creating glamorous accessories for IT equipment.

Equipment we carry with us no matter where we go or what we do. Our iPhone, BlackBerry and laptop have become lifestyle items and how we dress these items strongly represents our individual sense of style, whether it is cosmopolitan, sexy, extravagant, elegant or sophisticated.

Let me invite you to the world of Nour!